Nga Taonga a Hine te-iwa-iwa

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The website is overseen by A Treasury of New Zealand Craft Resources Trust. The Trust Board has delegated control of the running of the site to Auckland company Pacific Eyes Limited.

This partnership brings together the guidance and vision of the Trust, with the technical and commercial experience of Pacific Eyes. Through this collaboration, the long term interests of New Zealand craft artists and the craft sector as a whole will be protected and enhanced in the years to come.

Nga Taonga a Hine-te-iwa-iwa
Treasures of the Goddess of Crafts
A Treasury of New Zealand Craft Resources

In 1992, the Crafts Council of New Zealand ceased to exist, since then there has been no centralised crafts' information service. The Dowse Art Museum then assumed guardianship of this material, where it was tended to, developed and expanded. In 2003 an agreement was reached with Te Papa who will now be the custodians over the collection of publications, documents, photographs, slides, records and diaries that expound the working processes of our craft workers.

Craftspeople throughout New Zealand have already contributed financially to Nga Taonga a Hine-te-iwa-iwa to demonstrate their support. This enabled two fundraising art auctions and a Real Art Union or raffle to be held in November 1997. The second auction was a Cyber Auction which enabled bidding over the internet. Professionally established craftspeople have created the items for the Real Art Union prizes and the auctions.

The relaunch of the site in the latter part of 2003 will mark a new and exciting phase in the life of Nga Taonga a Hine-te-iwa-iwa.

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